ICAST 2021 Dextreme knife spotlight

ICAST 2021 Dextreme knife spotlight

Posted by The Fisherman TV on 10th Mar 2022

The Fisherman’s “New Product Spotlight” ICAST 2021 – Dexter Outdoors “Dextreme”

October 14, 2021 by STAFF

Dextreme is the first knife design for Dexter Outdoors, the hunting and fishing arm of Dexter. The Dextreme blade is pretty unique in that it features Dexter’s serrated “Tiger Edge” on the back which users will find extremely helpful for cutting through fish bone and tough scales (think sheepshead, triggerfish, or drum) which keeps your straight filleting edge. Watch Viktor Hluben effortlessly cut up a mutton snapper on the floor of ICAST, and look for the Dextreme coming in early 2022.