BD Outdoors Dextreme Review

BD Outdoors Dextreme Review

11th Aug 2022

Dextreme Fillet Knife Gear Review

Written by BD-Staff

One of the most important tools to all fishermen is their trusty fillet knife. After long days on the water filling the fish box with dinner for the weeks to come, it can be a tedious task to process your catch. All fishermen know that a good fillet knife is essential in turning long hours at the cutting table into a quick and painless job.

When talking about a fillet knife that can do it all, our minds immediately turn up the Dexter Outdoors Dextreme. This two-in-one dual edge knife incorporates the standard fillet edge that we have all become accustomed to, but additionally sports a serrated/scalloped edge that can be used to penetrate through tough skin or scales. Dexter has created an all-encompassing knife that will replace the need for us to carry around a full set of knives when getting ready to cut fish.


This fillet knife was developed specifically for anglers, featuring a DexGrip ergonomic non-slip handle engineered to offer the user greater control and the ability to deliver more precise cuts. The blade is constructed with DexSteel, a proprietary high-carbon, high-alloy American stainless steel to ensure a sharp, durable, and long-lasting edge. Lastly, the DexFlex “Just Right” flexibility ensures that the blade easily glides over bones and enables easy separation while skinning.


The Dextreme line includes four different length knives: six inches, seven inches, eight inches, and ten inches, as well as two different flex options in both stiff and flexible. The dual edge is available in the Dextreme series in sizes 7” and up and all knives come with a sheath. Dexter Outdoors has made sure to cover all bases with their new Dextreme fillet knives, by designing a knife that spans fisheries across the world, built to handle anything that comes to the fillet table.

Dexter Outdoors – Dextreme Series

  • DEXTREME® 6″ Flexible Fillet Knife DX6F With Sheath
  • DEXTREME® Dual Edge 7″ Flexible Fillet Knife DX7F With Sheath
  • DEXTREME® Dual Edge 8″ Flexible Fillet Knife DX8F With Sheath
  • DEXTREME® Dual Edge 8″ Stiff Fillet Knife DX8S With Sheath
  • DEXTREME® Dual Edge 10″ Stiff Fillet Knife DX10S With Sheath

About Dexter Outdoors

At Dexter Outdoors we know fishing, with over 200 years of experience making the world’s highest quality fishing knives. We know the passion, the hard work and dedication it takes to master this sport. Our company of 250 employees have the same dedication and passion for designing and manufacturing the highest quality knives so you can have the best fillets possible.

Dexter Outdoors products have been manufactured in Southbridge Massachusetts since 1818. Our committed employees work every day to produce our products with the best efficiencies, low waste and processes that are environmentally responsible. With this many years of experience, we offer you the latest in design, quality, and performance backed by a lifetime warranty.